Is your payments process limiting your business?

| 18-1-2017 | Treasury Intelligence Solutions GmbH (TIS) | Sponsored content |

TIS iVWith globalisation and an increasingly complex business environment, having an efficient and centralised payment system is vital to any multinational’s success. Recognising this, we at HSBC are proud to have successfully connected to Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) in Asia for automated payment and bank statement processing.

Read more about the collaboration between TIS, HSBC and Netherlands-based Fugro Group, an international geophysics and geotechnics company, which did not have a central treasury department until Group Treasurer Simon Karregat established one in 2014. The Group had numerous ERP systems connected separately to the local banks via several e-banking tools.

“We have reached a unique milestone in Fugro. With great enthusiasm and dedication, we managed to have our payment entered in our ERP routed via TIS directly to the bank. This new setup will result in significant time saving on our operations as well as IT systems maintenance,” praises Karregat.

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