The DACT Treasury Barometer 2023 gave insight in the interest in API’s, in the drivers behind innovations such as digital identity services, in the ongoing need for FinTech to support Open Banking and Cash Flow Forecasting, and foremost in the lack of familiarity with the ISO 20022 migration.


Treasury Barometer 2023

The interview with ChatGPT illustrated how quickly AI can be adopted in Treasury despite its current shortcomings. Green financing remains a challenge, with less than 20% of respondents having 25% or more of the lending portfolio structured accordingly. Treasurers tackled the recent rise in uncertainty well: As energy prices spiked and inflation resurfaced, treasurers handled these challenges professionally. As banks roll out their ESG policies, treasurers are forced to reconsider their bank relationships. Finally, the War of Talent is on the agenda. Finding personnel is becoming more difficult by the day.

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