Managing FX risk when your group has subsidiaries worldwide can be a significant challenge for finance teams, resulting in high trading costs and limited visibility. Consolidated FX management is proving to be one of the most challenging objectives handed to the Treasury teams of large companies.

But how can they tackle this objective effectively and efficiently?

Join for a live demonstration of how Kantox In-House FX can help you seamlessly integrate the FX operations of group subsidiaries with headquarters, maximising exposure netting, slashing FX trading costs and giving you visibility on your global risk.

Things you’ll learn:

• How to centralise FX management according to your business needs

•What might an In-house FX set-up look like, and what can be achieved?

• Best practices to streamline exposure netting at group and subsidiary level

• How to optimise forward points across the group Exclusive Insights Await. Reserve Your Spot Now!

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