Cash is still king — but the value of cash and forecasted liquidity held or planned by the company can only be realized via cash visibility, when the treasurer knows what cash is available, where it is held and what flows are expected in the future.


However, all too often, treasurers do not have access to their organization’s full cash picture. There are many good reasons for working with multiple banks across different markets, but complex banking structures and sprawling geographical footprints can make it difficult to achieve complete cash visibility into current balances, never mind impacting the accuracy of cash and liquidity forecasting.

Luckily, achieving full cash visibility over cash is not an insurmountable goal. This eBook outlines the action plan treasurers can take to gain full visibility over their cash, from gaining a clear view of current bank accounts to increasing the accuracy of the cash forecast.

eBook Table of Contents 

  • What is Cash Visibility?
  • Key Vocabulary
  • Why is Cash Visibility Important?
  • The Path to Cash Visibility
  • Step One: Identify and Record
  • Step Two: Prioritize and Rationalize
  • Step Three: Automate Bank Connectivity and Reporting
  • Step Four: Generate and Streamline Cash Positions and Liquidity Forecasts
  • Step Five: Enhance, Optimize and Predict Cash and Liquidity
  • Find the Data: Collaborating with Other Teams
  • Consolidating Forecast Data
  • Measuring Forecast Accuracy
  • Optimize: Predictions for your Cash and Liquidity
  • Optimizing Cash Visibility Benefits
  • Cash Visibility – Final Thoughts
  • How Kyriba Can Help

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