Digital rules (URDTT) for Trade Finance: Episode 4

25-05-2022 | Wim Kok | treasuryXL | LinkedIn |

Episode 4 of a series of educational videos on URDTT (Uniform Rules for Digital Trade Transactions) is now available. Please take a look and let me know what you think.  Previous episodes 1 are, of course, still available on our YouTube channel.



Trade Advisory Network Limited and treasuryXL Trade Finance experts launched their fourth episode of a series of free, educational videos on URDTT. There will be 6 episodes in total covering all aspects of the development, interpretation, and application of URDTT in the context of a digital trade strategy. In the upcoming period, you can expect one educational video per month.

Duration: 16.42 min


Enjoy, explore and develop!

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Wim Kok

International Business Consultant
Trade Finance Specialist