Introduction: Six priorities for FX risk managers in 2024

In 2024, currency managers should focus on six key priorities to enhance automation, visibility, and control, protecting profit margins and competitiveness amid increased currency usage. Today, we focus on the last two top priorities which are discussed in the whitepaper by Kantox.

5. Centralise FX risk Management

Why? For treasurers to act as generators of cash flow, there should be one cohesive treasury unit. This can lead to a value-adding treasury function that helps deliver consistent cash flows in excess of investor expectations

6. Integrate FX into liquidity Management

The concerns about strengthening liquidity management have only gained importance in recent years. In this regard, 2024 is set to bring good news for CFOs and treasurers, as API-connectivity provides new tools for liquidity management

What, how and why? Read it in the free whitepaper

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