The Role of Continuing Education in Business Success and how the Register Treasurer Program fits in

06-03-2023 | Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam | treasuryXL | LinkedIn | Are you looking to advance your career in finance and take your knowledge and skills to the next level? Look no further than the Treasury Management & Corporate Finance program and be awarded the title of Register Treasurer (RT)! In the coming period, treasuryXL will delve deeper into this program offered by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Press Release | treasuryXL and Monex Europe S.A. announce partnership

20-03-2023 | treasuryXL | LinkedIn | treasuryXL and Monex Europe S.A., a specialist in commercial foreign exchange, have entered into a premium partnership.

Foreign Currency Risk Management for Corporates | Whitepaper Nomentia

20-03-2023 | Nomentia | treasuryXL | LinkedIn | Nomentia has recently released the whitepaper titled “Foreign Currency Risk Management for Companies,” aimed at providing treasurers with insights and strategies to navigate the complex task of FX risk management.

Innovative Solutions and Trusted Expertise: Nomentia and treasuryXL Renew Their Partnership

16-03-2023 | treasuryXL | Nomentia | LinkedIn | We are excited to announce the successful renewal of the partnership between Nomentia and treasuryXL based on the newest treasuryXL 2023 Partner Program.

Fintech & currency management: navigating complex regulations and innovation

16-03-2023 | treasuryXL | Kantox | LinkedIn | Tune into the future of fintech and discover how to manage currencies efficiently in a world of complex regulations and constant change.

SurePay launched a new feature: The VAT Check

15-03-2023 | SurePay | treasuryXL | LinkedIn | With this, SurePay now offers a full supplier check

8 Critical Activities Supported by your Cash Flow Forecast

14-03-2023 | CashAnalytics | treasuryXL | LinkedIn | Cash flow forecasting can support a range of activities in your business, over and above the basics of day-to-day cash and liquidity management and medium-term planning.

Press Release | treasuryXL forms partnership with FIS

13-03-2023 | treasuryXL | LinkedIn | treasuryXL forms partnership with FIS to enhance dissemination of cutting-edge treasury insights

The dangers of key person risk in currency management

10-03-2023 | treasuryXL | Kantox | LinkedIn | Free yourself from the stress of handling monster spreadsheets with sensitive information that could break at any time

Recording Live Session | Unlock the Benefits of Interim Treasury Management

10-03-2023 | treasuryXL | LinkedIn | Topic Unlock the Benefits of Interim Treasury Management: Discover Why it’s a Must-Have for Your Business!