Bank Guarantee: Rules and Regulations

20-02-2024 | Bank guarantees are key instruments in trade finance, assuring one party that the other will fulfill its contractual obligations

EBA AML/CFT Guidelines to crypto asset service providers (CASPs)

15-02-2024 | The guidelines provide a roadmap for CASPs to tailor their strategies based on the identified risk factors, extend to guidance on internal policies and control measures that CASPs should enforce.

Instant Payments Regulations Adopted by the EU parliament

09-02-2024 | This proposal has been adopted by the EU Parliament on February 7th, 2024.

Become an expert in International Treasury Management and Corporate Finance!

31-01-2024 | This in-depth training program, organized by ATEL and House of Training, is your gateway to becoming a highly skilled and sought-after international treasury professional. 

Credit Ratings: Overview and Implications

25-01-2024 | A credit rating is an evaluation report of how a company is performing in absolute terms in a particular market or industry in terms of creditworthiness.

Real world asset tokenization: breakthrough in 2024

22-01-2024 | Digital-asset tokenization has not yet taken off in a meaningful way, limited to just stable coins and NFTs.

Upcoming EU Regulations Impacting Corporate Payments

15-01-2024 | In this blog, I will explain all you need to know about PSD3 Regulation in 2024.

Main trends in blockchain and crypto in 2024: A great year

19-12-2023 | What blockchain trends will dominate in 2024’s technology landscape? What’s the future outlook for NFTs and crypto markets in 2024?

Update Digital Finance Summit 2023

14-12-2023 | How does Fintech impact the payments and corporate treasury landscape? And what are the opportunities for fintech entrepreneurs in the EU?

Q&A | LIBOR: The End Of An Era

30-11-2023 | Q&A with James Leather and Pieter Bierkens about LIBOR on the journey to date, the impact on treasurers and what the future might hold.