In 100 Words | How do we manage the risk of an unstable Treasury Team?

26-03-2024 | treasuryXL ambassador Pieter de Kiewit explores managing the risk of an unstable Treasury Team.

Live Session: The 2024 Treasury Labour Market

25-03-2024 | In this upcoming live session we will discuss the most important developments in the treasury labour market. Sign up today!

Recruiting a Treasurer: A Task That Demands Expertise

21-02-2024 | Recruiting a qualified treasurer can be a challenging task. There are several reasons for this

Treasury Recruitment: Outsource for Efficiency and Savings

20-12-2023 | Hiring a specialized treasury recruiter can not only save you time and money but also ensure you find the right candidate for the job.

How to be a Good Treasurer?

18-10-2023 | Conclusion: A good treasurer is someone who is organized, precise, has a long-term focus, is innovative, has excellent communication skills, is ethical and trustworthy, and has strong technical knowledge and experience.

Interested in a Career in Treasury? These are 7 Ways you can prepare

03-10-2023 | We have received several questions via our Question Panel from individuals with a keen interest in a banking career, particularly in treasury.

EuroFinance 2023: Compelling Reasons to Attend and Key Connections to Make

29-08-2023 | We’re excited to provide you with a preview of the treasuryXL partners who will be in attendance at the event and who are eager to connect with you.

Why Corporate Treasurers should (not) go to Money 20/20

06-07-2023 | Recently, Pieter de Kiewit attended Money 20/20. In this blog he talks about whether corporate treasures should (not) attend.

Successful Career Moves in a Changing Market

05-06-2023 | Amid a changing career landscape, treasurers looking to make a career move may face significant shifts in the labour market. As employers struggle with their own unique challenges, TMI sat down with Pieter de Kiewit, treasuryXL ambassador & owner of Treasurer Search, to shed light on the changing dynamics between potential employees and employers in the modern employment landscape.