marcus evans | 3rd Edition Commodity Markets Modelling, Analytics & Risk Management | 12-14 September | London

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We are proud to announce our media partnership with marcus evans group for the 3rd Edition Commodity Markets Modelling, Analytics & Risk Management conference taking place in London on 12-14 September 2022.

London, UK

12 – 14 September, 2022 | 08:30 BST

There are many challenges involved with Commodity Markets Modelling. A major one at the moment is the volatility within the energy markets, specifically the spike in the price of energy including gas throughout the European and world markets. Another challenge which has been there for slightly longer is the generating and accessing of quality data which can feed modelling, in particular AI and machine learning models. There also exists a specific challenge around the modelling of renewables which has become an area of increased interest over the last few years. Finally, there is always a push to have new techniques which can help to improve the performance of trading teams in a very competitive market.

With this in mind, the marcus evans 3rd edition Commodity Markets Modelling, Analytics & Risk Management conference held between 12-14 September, 2022 in London, UK will provide the much-needed techniques on optimising modelling and trading within commodity markets. The event will deliver attendees tailored sessions on accessing the best data types to assist accurate modelling and forecasting. Practical solutions will be delivered regarding battery storage and modelling of intermittent weather sources such as wind and solar energy. Finally, new innovation tools which can assist traders and decision makers in commodity markets spaces will be explored and evaluated.

Attending This Premier marcus evans Conference Will Enable You To:

  • Obtain the best practices for quantitative modelling in commodity markets
  • Appreciate the current need to adjust existing quantitative modelling and trading techniques
  • Overcome the limitations caused by spikes in energy price data
  • Assess business priorities in consideration of macroeconomic change
  • Ensure your institution is insulated from market volatility

Best Practices and Case Studies from:

  • Michael Haigh, Managing Director, Global Head of Commodities Research, Societe Generale
  • Cetin Karakus, Global Head of Quantitative and Analytical Solutions, BP
  • Barbara Lempp, CEO of EFET Deutschland, European Federation of Energy Traders
  • Richard Fu, Head of Commodities, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank
  • Mario Dell’Era, Quantitative Market Risk Senior Manager, Citi
  • Emmanuel Gincberg, Managing Director – Quantitative Strategist, Macquarie Group

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Looking for a new job within the world of Treasury? Our partner ILFA is looking for new colleagues (Dutch)!

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ILFA is momenteel op zoek naar 3 nieuwe collega’s! Misschien ben jij wel degene die zijn/haar carrière kan voortzetten bij dit veelzijdige en dynamische bedrijf. Zie beneden de openstaande vacatures bij ILFA.


Ilfa is een veelzijdig en dynamisch bedrijf. Er is voor getalenteerde mensen altijd plaats, van student of young professional tot ervaren rot in het vak. We mixen software met service, ervaring met een frisse blik en aanpakken met ondersteuning. Wij waarderen verantwoordelijkheidsgevoel, leergierigheid en pro-activiteit. Wij zijn altijd op zoek naar mensen die hun talenten en expertise willen inzetten voor hun eigen ontwikkeling en de groei van Ilfa. Ook stagiaires zijn van harte welkom. Aanstormend talent op financieel economisch gebied, IT, marketing of sales is bij ons welkom om zich verder te ontwikkelen. Al menig student is je voorgegaan! Zie beneden de openstaande vacatures bij ILFA.

Ook open sollicitaties zijn ook van harte welkom. Stuur een motivatiebrief met cv naar:

TIS acquires Cashforce, an AI-powered provider of cash management and forecasting solutions.

17-06-2022 | treasuryXL | Cashforce | TIS


Revolutionizing Global Liquidity Management for Treasury and Finance


Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS), a global leader in enterprise payment optimization, today announced their acquisition of Cashforce, an AI-powered provider of cash management and forecasting solutions.

This acquisition will see Cashforce’s leading cloud solution – currently deployed at many of the largest and most sophisticated corporate treasuries in the world – become integrated with TIS’ SaaS payments platform. This unified solution will provide enterprises with an unmatched suite of capabilities for cash management, global payments, and fraud mitigation along with superior connectivity, workflows, and reporting functions.

Over the past few years, TIS and Cashforce have collaborated closely to provide a complementary offering for treasury and finance teams. These efforts were met with immediate success in the market as demand for improved cash management and forecasting tools has risen sharply. Now, TIS’ acquisition of Cashforce presents the perfect opportunity to integrate both products together as part of a more complete offering.

For the thousands of enterprise treasury and finance practitioners who currently use TIS, this acquisition provides access to faster and more accurate cash reporting, forecasting, and working capital management. To date, cash positioning and forecasting are still being performed manually by many treasury groups, which represents a major pain point for CFOs and business leaders when attempting to make strategic financial decisions. However, the robust capabilities provided by Cashforce eliminate many of these inefficiencies and ultimately enable companies to gain quick and accurate insights into their financial position based on reliable payments and liquidity data.

According to Erik Masing, Group CEO of TIS, “Cashforce has been a premier partner of TIS for several years and has contributed significantly to the cash forecasting and management capabilities we offer clients. The acquisition is a natural extension of our business and will allow TIS to further integrate Cashforce’s solution with our platform in order to offer advanced forecasting and data management capabilities to all our clients. This means enterprises can significantly reduce complexity in their global payments and cash management tech stacks by leveraging standardization and transparency afforded by a single, elegant solution.”



For Cashforce, the acquisition means that existing clients can now supplement their robust forecasting capabilities with TIS’ industry-leading payments and bank connectivity features. As explained by Nicolas Christiaen, Founder and CEO of Cashforce, “Giving businesses complete visibility over their cash and liquidity data has always been the core objective of Cashforce. While we have spent years perfecting our capabilities in this regard, TIS has been strengthening their suite of payments, bank connectivity, and cash management tools. When combined, these two sets of capabilities form the ideal solution for global treasury and finance teams to achieve full control and visibility over their entire payments and liquidity architecture – including all entities, back-office systems, and banks.”

With the added capabilities of Cashforce’s solution, TIS now offers a single, scalable cloud platform for clients to address needs in the following areas:

  • End-to-end payment processing and bank statement management
  • Global bank connectivity and financial messaging
  • Real-time cash positioning and liquidity management
  • Multifaceted cash forecasting, cashflow analytics, and working capital management
  • Bank account management and bank documentation management
  • Payment compliance and sanctions screening control
  • Treasury security, regulatory compliance, and fraud mitigation tools

For more information on TIS’ acquisition of Cashforce and the advantages our combined solution will provide to enterprise treasury, finance, and executive teams, contact us at [email protected] or by using the information found on our website.


About TIS

TIS is reimagining the world of enterprise payments through a cloud-based platform uniquely designed to help global organizations optimize payments, manage cash visibility, and mitigate risk. Corporations, banks, and business vendors leverage TIS to transform how they connect global accounts, collaborate on payment processes, execute outbound payments, analyze cash flow and compliance data, and improve critical outbound payment functions. With $2 trillion in payments processed annually, the TIS corporate payments platform helps businesses improve operational efficiency, lower risk, manage liquidity, gain a strategic advantage – and ultimately achieve enterprise payment optimization.

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Treasury in transition – explore the agenda for EuroFinance International Treasury Management

13-06-2022 | Eurofinance | treasuryXL | LinkedIn


Featuring keynote speakers, Guy Verhofstadt and Göran Carstedt…

The 31st annual EuroFinance International Treasury Management returns in-person this September 21st-23rd in Vienna. With treasury changing like never before, join more than 2000 attendees, including 150 world-class speakers for transformative insights and the year’s best networking.

  • Inspirational headline speakers– including member of European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt and and one of the world’s top business minds, former head of IKEA, Göran Carstedt
  • Practical insights from case studies across 5 streams– explore the latest innovations driving change and how to apply them to your treasury
  • The new Future of Money Stage– a dynamic experience for disruptive ground-breaking ideas from crypto to the token economy
  • Meet with more than 100 banking and tech partnerson the exhibition floor and  join forces to innovate and shape the future

Learn from the experiences of more than 150 best-in-class treasurers including:
– Abraham Geldenhuys, VP and group treasurer, Kongsberg Automotive
– Yang Xu, SVP, corporate development and global treasurer, Kraft Heinz
– Alex Ashby, Head of treasury – Markets, Tesco
– Debbie Kaya, Senior director of treasury, Cisco Systems, Inc.
– Daniel Melski, VP finance and treasurer, Church & Dwight Co., Inc.
– Angel Cheung, Assistant treasurer, John Lewis Partnership

For more information and to register, visit:


TreasuryXL contacts can claim a 10% discount with code: MKTG/TXL10 on top of the early-bird price which expires on July 29th – a combined saving of over €2000.  Register here today.

We hope to welcome you in Vienna.

The EuroFinance Team

About EuroFinance

EuroFinance, part of The Economist Group, is a leading global provider of treasury, cash management and risk events, research and training. With over 30 years of experience, our mission is to bring together the brightest minds and most influential voices in treasury. Through in-depth research with 1,000 corporate treasury professionals every year, we have a unique insight into the trends and developments within the profession and an unrivalled global viewpoint.


Marianne Ford
Senior Marketing Manager

Economist Impact
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A guide to cash flow forecasting tools in 2022

07-06-2022 | treasuryXL | Nomentia | LinkedIn |

A company’s worst nightmare is to run out of cash or completely miscalculate future cash in- and outflows. To prevent such doom scenarios from happening, companies use cash flow forecasting tools to help them understand current or future cash positions. Having accurate cash forecasting analyses in place is important because they are fundamental for your company’s growth. You can base your strategic investments and financial decisions on them, and they help you decide on how you shape the future of your company.


As with most things, cash flow forecasting is easier said than done. Developing accurate forecasts can be a challenging job. Especially when your business is increasing in size, you need to consider many aspects. Fortunately, there are several great cash flow forecasting tools to help you overcome the challenges you have, to make forecasting easier and more accurate.


What is cash flow forecasting? 

Simply put, cash flow forecasting is the practice of understanding your movement of money that goes in and out of the business, now, in the short-term, or in the long-term. A higher cash inflow than outflow results in a positive cash flow position. And when your cash outflow is bigger than your cash inflow, it results in a negative cash flow position.

Many professionals understand that analyzing cashflows is important yet fail to build reliable processes to do so accurately. Robust cash forecasting will help you understand what your cash position is now, and in the future, simply by analyzing cash in- and outflows.


The challenges of cash forecasting

We will not go too much into detail to discuss the challenges of cash forecasting, which we already did in this article. But commonly, treasury and finance teams struggle with two main reoccurring challenges:


1. Manual processes (lack of automation)

One of the key challenges in cash forecasting remains the amount of manual labor that goes into it. Especially when your organization is larger, and you need to combine financial data from different banks, subsidiaries, and ERP systems. Depending on how frequently your team runs the forecasting process, it can become very time-consuming.

According to different sources, it is recommended that treasury and finance teams run forecasts on a weekly basis to increase financial control. Imagine all the hours that go into this process by doing so manually: collecting data from multiple data sources and recording everything into your spreadsheets. And that doesn’t even include running the analyses to base your strategic decisions on. To top it off, the spreadsheets also contain many errors, which makes them less reliable.

To add to that, by collecting your forecasting data periodically you never have real-time insight into your cash position because your cash predictions may have changed already the day after you made your analysis.


Cash flow challenges graph
Having flexible cash flow and liquidity reporting, and collecting data on cash flows was found most challenging or very challenging for around 70% of decision-makers according to our study with Forrester.


2. Lack of centralization

As mentioned earlier, it is a very inconvenient aspect to create liquidity and forecast reports when the data you need is scattered across multiple systems. In global companies, you would need to access several bank accounts to check balances. Or you are working with different subsidiaries, where you need to rely on the timeliness and accuracy of your colleague’s input. Whatever systems you’re using, having a centralized place that automatically pulls all the data from them into one place in real-time can benefit you tremendously.


What is a cash flow forecasting tool?

Effective cash flow forecasting tools are there to help you overcome typical forecasting challenges. They help you manage and track all your business cash flows now and in the future. Allowing you to make better strategic and investment decisions for your business.


The advantages of using a cash forecasting tool 

There are various solutions available on the market, and they all work differently. Ideally, a tool should be able to help you with your cash forecasting in various ways.

Access real-time information

A great tool gives you an instant overview of your cash position, inflows, and outflows at any time you need it. The more up-to-date your data is, the better you can justify your decisions.


Connect and centralize all source-systems

Especially for larger enterprises with multiple banks, ERPs, and other source systems, a tool needs to be able to flawlessly connect to all of them. That’s the only way for you to combine all the financial data required to make accurate cash forecasts.


Automate the process of collecting data for you 

Both the gathering of real-time information and connection to all source systems should be automated by the tool or software. That way you can automatically gain real-time insight into your cash position without manual labour.


Automatically able to create reports and infographics based on your data

Following up on the previous point, once your tool has automatically-collected data, it should be able to visualize it in a customized way that suits your needs. Whether it is certain types of reports, graphs, or other dashboards.


Save resources while enabling better decision-making

Better and faster analyses of your cash position and forecast without creating reports manually will help you save the time that you can use for making strategic decisions.


The different types of cash forecasting tools


Basic tools for small and medium-sized companies 

Market research has shown that in the U.S. in 2018 alone, around 63% of companies used spreadsheets for budgeting and reporting purposes. Even though this number was declining, spreadsheets are still considered the most basic go-to tool for cash flow forecasting.


The two main (free) providers for cash forecasting tools on a basic level (they don’t need explanation):




Of course, you can make your spreadsheets as advanced as you want. But the fact is that most smaller organizations traditionally use spreadsheets to do their cash flow forecasting. Their set-ups are less sophisticated and with fewer data sources. As a result, it’s easier to pull the data you need.

The advantage of spreadsheets is that they are very cheap and effective. Yet, once your organization grows bigger and you start using several banks, and other source systems like ERPs, they become unmanageable and start taking a lot of your team’s resources.


Intermediate tools for small and medium-sized companies

There are several intermediate cash forecasting tools that are increasingly helpful for smaller and medium-sized companies compared to the basic tools. Sometimes they can replace spreadsheets completely, but most often they complement them.



Microsoft’s Power BI is a tool that can collect data from different sources and allows you to visualize them through dashboards. Though it’s a handy tool, it requires quite a bit of training and getting used to. Connecting Power BI to your systems, importing data, and building the right reports can still require a lot of manual labor.  

Power BI’s list of systems you can connect to is limited. Especially bank and ERP connections are lacking which are usually required for bigger companies.

Power BI Dashboard
Power BI dashboard example



If you have an accounting system, a CRM, and some data warehousing system, chances are that Causal can help you out collecting that data in one place. Their data visualization tool will help you better understand the combined data from your connected places.

Just like Power BI, Causal is unable to connect to financial institutions, like banks, that are often required to get a better understanding of your cash position.



Sheetgo is a handy tool when you want to combine the data from different spreadsheets. The more spreadsheets with financial data you have the more challenging it is to combine them and build accurate cash flow forecasts.

Sheetgo does not take away the manual work that includes pulling data from source systems. It is more a tool made to integrate with Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

Sheetgo cash flow template
Sheetgo’s cash flow template



If you’re looking for a cash flow forecasting tool that can connect multiple source systems, banks, and ERPs – then Nomentia Liquidity is a great option. Nomentia Liquidity gives you visibility over your past, present, and future cash positions.

Nomentia automatically pulls all data from different source systems and visualizes them in a customized format for each client. The implementation is also done together with a dedicated customer specialist, so you don’t have to worry about any manual labor or integration problems.

Nomentia Liquidity dashboard
Nomentia’s liquidity dashboard


Advanced solutions for medium and big-sized companies

If you’re looking for more complete cash forecasting services, then you need to consider the top treasury and cash management vendors that are well known. Most of these vendors offer Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions which take away the work of managing the solution.



Nomentia’s cash forecasting SaaS solution allows you to do forecasts as detailed as you require. You can run real-time forecasts continuously based on a collection of all scattered systems that hold your financial data.

The platform works very intuitively, and you can even run simulations for possible scenarios. The data visualization can be customized by yourself or by specialists from Nomentia. In contrast with other vendors, you can only opt for the cash forecasting module without committing to any other modules offered by Nomentia.



Kyriba has a tool for cash forecasts that combines multiple data sources. They can provide you with daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly cash forecasts.

In their SaaS, Kyriba has a worksheet that can help you automate manual work and connect different systems to each other for better-centralized cash forecasting analyses.



The cash forecasting tool by Gtreasury allows you to combine data into a single worksheet and run different analyses within it. You can run forecasts daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

A recent feature GTreasury introduced is the trademarked SmartPredictions, which can predict future liquidity and changing conditions with the help of data imports and artificial intelligence.



Coupa’s treasury solution includes a cash forecasting module that can build scenarios, and do analyses to measure your short, mid, and long-term business liquidity.

The financial data is captured in a reporting functionality that treasury teams can easily analyze and share within the organization. Coupa offers both standard and customized reports.



Serrala offers cash forecasting as part of its bigger cash management solution. The module can be set up for cash flow-based planning categories, scenarios, and simulations.

The solution helps you automate your processes by configuring the settings yourself, and it gives you insight into your cash position through the consolidation of various data sources.


The right tool for your company depends on your needs  

A cash flow forecasting tool can be beneficial for you to tackle the manual labor and time consumed due to a lack of centralization. If your set-up is not that advanced yet, you can rely on solutions like spreadsheets or intermediate tools like Power BI, Causal, Sheetgo, or Nomentia Liquidity.

For bigger companies with several source systems, we recommend looking into advanced cash forecasting tools that will significantly decrease your costs. Even if the initial investment of buying such a solution may appear slightly higher.



Treasury Do’s & Don’ts: In-house bank (Dutch)

02-06-2022 | treasuryXL | ILFA | LinkedIn |


Dinsdag 7 juni om 16:00 houdt ILFA een gratis kennissessie over In-house banking. Wat is In-house bank en wat is het doel ervan? Welke voordelen zijn er en hoe werkt het precies?


Een Ilfa kennissessie over In-house bank

Wat is In-house bank en wat is het doel ervan? Welke voordelen zijn er en hoe werkt het precies? Deze onderwerpen passeren de revue tijdens onze webinar over In-house bank. In ongeveer een uur beantwoorden Arnoud Doornbos, treasury specialist, en Filip Verboven, treasury softwareontwikkelaar, deze vragen en laten zij aan de hand van voorbeelden zien wat de toegevoegde waarde van In-house banking is voor de treasury afdeling.

De webinar start op dinsdag 7 juni om 16:00 en duurt ongeveer een uur. U kunt deelnemen via deze link: Vooraf aanmelden is niet nodig.

De webinar openen

Om toegang te krijgen tot de beveiligde Webex-omgeving van de webinar moet u een aantal stappen volgen. Klik op de link en vervolgens op ‘Neem deel vanuit uw browser’. Vul uw naam in en de tekst op de afbeelding. Uw e-mailadres is niet nodig. Klik op ‘Volgende’ en sta toe dat Webex gebruikt maakt van uw camera en microfoon (indien aanwezig). U kunt nu kiezen of u uw microfoon wilt dempen en uw video wilt stoppen. Wanneer u uw keuze gemaakt heeft, klikt u op ‘Deelnemen aan vergadering’. U zit nu in de webinar.

Marcus Evans | 9th Annual Credit Risk Modelling and Validation | 12-14 September | Amsterdam

16-05-2022 | treasuryXL | marcus evans | LinkedIn |


We are proud to announce our media partnership with marcus evans group for the 9th Annual Credit Risk Modelling and Validation conference taking place in Amsterdam on the 12th-14th of September, 2022.


12th – 14th September, 2022 | 08:30 CET

The marcus evans 9th Annual Credit Risk Modelling and Validation event taking place in Amsterdam, Netherlands on 12-14 September, 2022 will provide practical and experienced perspectives to help delegates adapt their credit risk modelling and validation strategies to the evolving environment of credit risk. This event features in-depth sessions on the optimisation and best practices in IFRS9 and IRB/AIRB spheres, maximising efficiency and accuracy in validation, implications and applications of AI and Machine Learning, integrating climate risk and credit risk in an ever-changing environment, anticipating new regulatory requirements, cleaning and structuring internal and external data, and adapting models to macroeconomic events as they occur. These hands-on sessions will be delivered by best-in-class industry professionals and cutting-edge global leaders who are uniquely equipped to pass on their expertise in this field. This event will enable banks to conquer emerging credit risk challenges in regulatory models, validation, climate risk, and ensure their increased trustworthiness and competitivity.

Special discounts available to Treasury XL subscribers! For more information please contact: Ria Kiayia, Digital Media and PR Marketing Executive at [email protected] or visit:

“The optimisation of these models can be significantly improved from where we are today by using more common libraries or similar tools between development and validation” Head of credit risk model validation at a global banking institution

marcus evans



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Treasury, Corporate Finance, Cash Management, Risk Management, Working Capital Management and Blockchain. What are the purposes of these treasury functions?

treasuryXL created this eBook based on the most relevant best practices that Treasury experts provided over the last years. We bundled the most important information for you and created easy to read and understand articles about the main subjects within the World of Treasury.

We took a deeper dive into each of the above-mentioned treasury functions and highlight:

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REMINDER | Webinar | How successful master data management can help you secure financial processes? May 18th

10-05-2022 | treasuryXL | Nomentia | LinkedIn |


Find out how to manage your Master Data in a safe way including how to prevent fraud in this upcoming webinar next week on May 18 together with Nomentia, featuring Mark Roelands, Kendra Keydeniers and Huub Wevers!

Date & time: May 18, 2022 at 14:00-14:45 PM CET | Duration 45 minutes

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how you can manage your Master data in a safe way, how you can prevent fraud and sanction risks through the management of this data, and the subsequent processes that make use of your master data. This ranges from the creation of counterparties in your ERP to the safeguard checks in your payment process and system. 

More specifically, we will discuss the following topics:

  • Introduction to Master Data management
  • Managing the counterparty Master Data in your ERP
  • Trends that companies face related to Master Data
  • High-risk processes using your master data
  • Steps to create a safe and secure culture within your company
  • Setting up appropriate processes and systems to enable security


Throughout the webinar, you get a chance to ask any questions that arise.

Click here to register now!

Webinar Nomentia & TreasuryXL

Meet the speakers

Mark Roelands
Risk and Compliance Specialist
GRC Consulting

Kendra Keydeniers
Director Community & Partners

Huub Wevers
Head of Sales




The world’s largest treasury event is returning to Vienna in September | 10% discount via treasuryXL

09-05-2022 | Eurofinance | treasuryXL |


EuroFinance International Treasury Management, the world’s largest and most influential treasury event, will take place in Vienna from September 21st-23rd 2022. Returning in-person after 3 years with more than 2000 attendees including 150 world-class speakers, the event offers unparalleled networking and insights from the world’s most senior corporate treasurers. treasuryXL is proud media partner of the 31st edition of the EuroFinance event.

Why attend?

  • Be inspired by headline speakers as they interrogate a changed world including Guy Verhofstadt, member of the European Parliament and Göran Carstedt, former corporate executive of Volvo and IKEA
  • Get practical solutions to treasury challenges with new case studies and immersive discovery labs
  • Hear from the disruptors at the new The Future of Money Stage
  • Delve into the latest innovations and new technology driving change, and how to apply them to your treasury
  • Meet with more than 100 banking and tech partners and join forces to innovate and shape the future


For the full agenda and to register, please click here

TreasuryXL contacts can claim a 10% discount with code: MKTG/TXL10