Innovative Solutions and Trusted Expertise: Nomentia and treasuryXL Renew Their Partnership

16-03-2023 | treasuryXL | Nomentia | LinkedIn | We are excited to announce the successful renewal of the partnership between Nomentia and treasuryXL based on the newest treasuryXL 2023 Partner Program.

Fintech & currency management: navigating complex regulations and innovation

16-03-2023 | treasuryXL | Kantox | LinkedIn | Tune into the future of fintech and discover how to manage currencies efficiently in a world of complex regulations and constant change.

SurePay launched a new feature: The VAT Check

15-03-2023 | SurePay | treasuryXL | LinkedIn | With this, SurePay now offers a full supplier check

The dangers of key person risk in currency management

10-03-2023 | treasuryXL | Kantox | LinkedIn | Free yourself from the stress of handling monster spreadsheets with sensitive information that could break at any time

How will sustainable finance evolve in 2023?

09-03-2023 | treasuryXL | Refinitiv | LinkedIn | With 2023 gearing up to be a momentous year for sustainable finance, this blog explores the key topics that will help to shape the industry now and into the future.

treasuryXL announces partnership with IBAN-Name Check inventor SurePay

06-03-2023 | SurePay | treasuryXL | LinkedIn | VENLO, The Netherlands, March 6 2023 – treasuryXL, a leading community platform for professionals in the treasury industry, and SurePay, a fintech company, which originated from a Rabobank innovation programme, and is now the European market leader in the field of Confirmation of Payee/IBAN-Name Checks, have entered into a partnership.

Hedging Intercompany Loans: A New Way to Mitigate FX Risk

03-03-2023 | treasuryXL | Kantox | LinkedIn | “By using conditional stop-loss and take-profit orders, you can achieve significant savings in terms of the cost of carry.”

LIVE DISCUSSION | How FinTech is Revolutionizing Corporate Treasury

02-03-2023 | treasuryXL | LinkedIn | What new and exciting innovations are happening in the corporate treasury marketplace and how are FinTech’s playing a role in this space?

Net Working Capital vs Working Capital | Understanding the Difference

01-03-2023 | Sugandha Singhal | treasuryXL | LinkedIn | As treasurers, working capital management is a key part of our responsibilities. It is a metric of how efficiently a company is operating and how financially stable it is in the short term.

Mitigating Behavioural Biases in Currency Management

28-02-2023 | treasuryXL | Kantox | LinkedIn |

This episode of CurrencyCast dives into the impact of behavioural biases in currency management and how they impact financial decisions. You’ll learn about the most common biases that can affect decision-making, including conservatism, forward rate, overconfidence, and loss aversion biases. But fear not! The episode also provides solutions to mitigate these biases and optimise your currency management strategies. 

Disclaimer: This information is being shared for informational purposes only and was originally published by Kantox (Source)


Discover how implementing automation solutions can help remove systematic errors and allow you to embrace foreign currencies, increasing profitability and fostering growth. 

Don’t let inherent biases affect your work – watch the latest episode of CurrencyCast and take control of your currency risk management today!