Welcome to an enlightening journey into the world of corporate treasury. Imagine yourself as a wizard of finance, weaving spells to help businesses grow and thrive. That’s a fun way to think about treasury professionals, right? They’re the magicians behind the scenes, ensuring companies have the money they need to achieve their dreams. But did you know that the role of corporate treasurer is evolving, becoming even more important in today’s business world?


We have Kurt Smith on board, brought to you by TreasuryXL, to guide us through this intriguing transformation. With an impressive career portfolio, Kurt is the Director of Marengo Capital and Vice President and Technical Director of the Australian Corporate Treasury Association (ACTA). His wealth of experience encompasses everything from being a Head of Derivative Trading in banking to strategic asset allocation in fund management, and corporate treasury.

Here’s what we’ll be learning today:

  • What Risk Appetite and Risk Strategy Truly Means for Corporate Treasury and The Board of Directors.
  • How Could Treasury Be Much More Strategic Rather Than Focusing Only on Operational Tasks?
  • What Metrics, Such as The Return on Invested Capital, Cash Conversion Cycle and Weighted Average Cost of Capital Are?
  • How Could Treasurers Influence Those?
  • And The Role of The Australian Corporate Treasury Association
  • And Much, Much More.

So, are you ready to discover how treasury professionals are stepping up their game and using cool technologies like artificial intelligence to become strategic powerhouses? Are you excited about how they’re moving from simply supporting businesses to actively shaping their future? Let’s dive in!

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