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Talk of the day: German Bund Yield Below 0%

| 15-06-2016 | Udo Rademakers, Rob Söentken, Douwe Dijkstra & Lionel Pavey |   For the first time ever the German bund yield hit negative territory. The ‘Deutsche Welle’ writes: “With the prospect of Britain leaving the European Union looming ever larger ahead of referendum in 9 days, global investors are increasingly fleeing to safe havens […]

McKinsey beats Warren Buffett

| 10-06-2016 | Victor Macrae | According to investigations made by the Financial Times, McKinsey Investment Office (MIO), a formerly unknown investment daughter of the top tier strategy consulting firm, has shown a stunning performance over a long period of time. MIO holds $9.5 billion in assets from current and former McKinsey partners, half of which […]

FX Global Code of Conduct

| 09-06-2016 | Simon Knappstein |   Last month the BIS published the first phase of the FX Global Code. The final version is planned for completion by May 2017. What is this Global Code and what is the BIS trying to achieve by the establishment of this Code? Recent history In the wake of the […]

Option Tales : Cheap Options part IIII

| 07-06-2016 | Rob Söentken |   Today in the closing part of Rob Söentken’s Option Tales: When buying options it is tempting to see if the premium expenses can be minimized. A number of solutions are possible, which I’ve discussed in four articles. You can read about about choosing the average rate option (ARO) and the […]

Van Blueprint tot werkend ERP systeem

| 06-06-2016 | Kasja Reinders | Op 26 mei jongstleden was ik uitgenodigd om de door De Kiewit Treasurer Search en treasuryXL gefaciliteerde workshop; Treasury Systems – het waarom en hoe (niet) van Treasury & Banking Software bij te wonen. De sprekers brachten interessante onderwerpen aan met goede punten die niet vergeten mochten worden tijdens het […]

Yield Curves (term structure of interest rates) – filling in the blanks part II

| 03-06-2016 | Lionel Pavey | Most treasurers do not have access to a dedicated financial data vendor (Bloomberg, Reuters) but are regularly faced with having to discover prices related to yield curves. There are websites that can provide us with relevant data, but these are normally a snapshot and not comprehensive – the data […]

Workshop: Treasury Systems – het waarom en hoe (niet) van Treasury & Banking Software

| 02-06-2016 | treasuryXL Op 26-05-2016 waren treasuryXL en Treasurer Search aanwezig op Financial Systems. Naast dat we een stand op de beursvloer hadden, hebben we ook een invitation only sessie georganiseerd: Treasury Systems – het waarom en hoe (niet) van Treasury & Banking Software. Hiervoor hebben we vier interim managers uitgenodigd die elk hun eigen gekozen […]