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In de praktijk: Derivaten in de zorgsector

| 30-05-2016 | Willem van Overveld | Willem van Overveld beschrijft hoe een simpele SWAP constructie zonder margin calls toch lastig kan worden: de menselijk organisatorische kant van derivaten constructies krijgt vaak te weinig aandacht. Een voorbeeld uit de praktijk:   Het jaar 2012-2013: In een niet nader te noemen financieel zeer rendabel en solvabel […]

Yield Curves (term structure of interest rates) – filling in the blanks

| 27-05-2016 | Lionel Pavey Most treasurers do not have access to a dedicated financial data vendor (Bloomberg, Reuters) but are regularly faced with having to discover prices related to yield curves. There are websites that can provide us with relevant data, but these are normally a snapshot and not comprehensive – the data series […]

Treasury Education: great but do not expect career miracles. Do make a strategy.

| 25-05-2016 | Pieter de Kiewit | Last week I visited an information session about financial postgraduate education. It was organized by the VU (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam). I noticed an increased interest in comparison to last years session, which is great. Information was provided about courses I see back in the CV’s of treasurers: CFA, […]

Option Tales: Cheap Options Part II

| 24-05-2016 | Rob Söentken | Today in Rob Söentken’s Option Tales: When buying options it is tempting to see if the premium expenses can be minimized. A number of solutions are possible, which will be discussed in four articles. In the previous article I talked about the first two solutions: Choose the strike further OTM and Choose shorter tenor. Today […]

Cash flow forecasting (CFFC)

23-05-2016 | by Udo Rademakers | In recent years and months, we have seen quite a few companies coming into liquidity problems, leading in worst case scenario to insolvencies. This brings us to the question: how important is cash flow forecasting? How to anticipate adequately and to avoid facing “surprises” at the last moment and […]

EUR/USD Outlook

18-05-2016 | by Simon Knappstein |   The US Dollar is currently going through a soft spell. Most markedly against EM, but also against the EUR. Upside seems contained so far by the very easy monetary policy of the ECB. The question is if we are witnessing simply an extension of the ranging price movement […]