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Instant payments for treasurers

| 31-03-2017 | Alessandro Longoni | Building on the ideas shared in a previous article about Cash Conversion Cycle on treasuryXL, this piece focuses on the developments that new European laws will bring in the areas of Instant Payments and how this will affect Treasury. As part of further standardization within the union, European regulators mandated the industry […]

Blockchain regulation in the securities industry: Still many unanswered questions!

| 24-3-2017 | Carlo de Meijer | One of the obstacles for massive adoption of blockchain technology is the lack of clarity from regulators. Regulators world-wide have long time taken a wait-and-see attitude towards blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) (see my Blog “Blockchain and Regulation: do no stiffle …. April 4, 2016). But that […]

3 tips for a successful accounting- and ERP-system roll-out

| 23-3-2017 | Christian van Ledden | Sponsored content |   Cloud based accounting- and ERP-systems, i.e. SAP S4-HANA are receiving a lot of attention these days. The result? – Increasingly more companies are considering cloud solutions in their effort to consolidate IT processes and systems. According to a study by Panorama Consulting, in 2015 […]

Flex Treasurer – Besparing na een treasury quick scan: Nog meer praktijkvoorbeelden

| 22-3-2017 | François de Witte | Patrick Kunz | Als je ondernemer bent of als financiële professional werkt in een kleine of middelgrote organisatie die geen treasurer of cash manager in dienst heeft, vraag je je wellicht af of je alle treasury taken wel goed geregeld hebt. Iemand aannemen voor deze taken gaat misschien […]