AP, AR & Treasury- Creating Harmony to Control Your Cash Conversion Cycle

21-02-2023 | treasuryXL | TIS | LinkedIn |

Technology is now offering companies of all sizes unprecedented visibility into all accounts payable and accounts receivable and bank account activity to better predict and understand all cash flows. This visibility offers companies the ability to manage accounts payable, accounts receivable and treasury in harmony, not in silos, to optimize their cash conversion cycles.


We will share specific opportunities to leverage AP & AR related business intelligence at your company to impact your company’s bottom line, identify specific opportunities to take more ownership of how and when you make payments, and how and when you get paid, and understand the current and emerging role of automation and APIs in helping companies to take more control of their cash conversion cycles.
Join us to discover insights and specific advice to:
  • Create 360-degree visibility relative to AP and AR related activities and processes
  • Identify and understand drivers of all cash movements
  • Remove silos in AP, AR, and Treasury
  • Improve supplier and customer interactions to empower more control of payments & receipts * Leverage technology to facilitate collaboration between AP, AR and Treasury