1. What inspired you to pursue a career in Treasury, and how has your commitment evolved over the nineteen years?

With over nineteen years of unwavering commitment to the Treasury profession, I bring a wealth of expertise and a passion that surpasses qualifications. My educational background includes an MBA with honors and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Accounting. Additionally, I proudly hold the Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) and Certified Treasury Professional Canadian Mastery (CTP(CD)) designations, complemented by a Financial Compliance Law Certificate. My dedication to advancing the field led me to earn the FCT Advanced Diploma in Treasury Management and Fellowship from the esteemed Association of Corporate Treasurers in the UK.
Throughout my extensive career journey, I have consistently made substantial contributions to both public and private companies, focusing on key areas such as treasury management, risk mitigation, and financial compliance. My expertise spans a wide spectrum, and I have a proven track record of successfully negotiating complex financial facilities, managing intricate debt financing arrangements, and playing pivotal roles in high-stakes IPOs and equity raises.

2. What motivated you to actively engage in advocacy for the Treasury profession, and how has your extensive professional network played a role in your commitment?

A defining hallmark of my career is my proficiency in building and enhancing treasury departments, optimizing banking structures, and achieving noteworthy cost reductions through strategic initiatives. Beyond my qualifications and achievements, my commitment extends to advocacy for the Treasury profession. I have diligently cultivated an extensive professional network and actively participate in speaking engagements, webinars, and podcasts, both on a global scale and within the Treasury community. My professional journey is characterized by a steadfast adherence to ethical principles, a boundless spirit of curiosity, innovative thinking, and an unwavering passion for compliance, process improvement, and the elevation of the Treasury profession.

3. How did the challenges of the Covid pandemic influence your decision to initiate “The Passionate Treasurer” project, and what impact did it have on your professional journey?

During the challenges brought forth by the Covid pandemic, I found a meaningful way to give back to the profession that has supported me throughout the years. I repeatedly heard from younger and more junior treasury professionals who were grappling with skill development, experience acquisition, and a lack of guidance in their careers. This prompted me to initiate “The Passionate Treasurer” project. Amidst my demanding schedule of pursuing my Fellowship and handling professional responsibilities, I dedicated myself to volunteering, teaching, mentoring, and assisting those who shared a passion for advancing their careers and finding their niche in the working world.

4. Can you elaborate on the guiding life quote, “Success occurs where opportunity meets preparation,” and how it has shaped your career philosophy and approach to success?

In the midst of this journey, a guiding life quote has been, “Success occurs where opportunity meets preparation.” I firmly believe that individuals should take charge of their careers, meticulously plan their paths, and set ambitious goals for success. This requires a strong work ethic, adaptability in the face of unforeseen challenges, and unwavering tenacity to turn dreams into reality. I emphasize the importance of treating everyone with kindness and compassion, maintaining loyalty and ethical integrity in all endeavours, and nurturing a collaborative spirit to empower others in their professional pursuits.


Lee-Ann’s unwavering dedication and passion for the Treasury profession have been the driving forces behind her nineteen years of success. Her extensive experience, coupled with her commitment to continuous learning and professional development, has made her a highly respected figure in the industry. Her advocacy efforts and her “The Passionate Treasurer” project have not only enriched her own career but have also inspired and nurtured the next generation of treasury professionals. Lee-Ann Perkins is a true embodiment of the quote, “Success occurs where opportunity meets preparation,” and her legacy is sure to continue shaping the Treasury profession for years to come. Thanks for sharing your story with us Lee-Ann!

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