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| 8-12-2016 | Annette Gillhart |

the-crowd-1238541-1599x2132In our ambition to create the platform where you can find the answer to your treasury question, we would like to ask for your input. As you might have seen, we have a tab ‘Resources’ on our website:   This week we want to focus on associations.

For us, hopefully also for you,  professional associations serve various purposes: networking, sharing of experiences, knowledge providing, etcetera. One can notice that in different countries, the professional associations have a different approach. Pieter de Kiewit recently wrote about this in this article: .

In Europe, in our opinion, the ACT takes the most extensive approach. From our home market we have focussed on the following associations:


DACT, the Dutch Association of Corporate Treasurers, is the leading professional association for (corporate) treasurers and  treasury professionals in the Netherlands. The DACT has approximately 530 members, who work at multinationals, large and medium-sized companies, but also at government institutions and non-profit organisations.
DACT promotes the professional development of its members, provides a network that connects treasury professionals with each other and acts as a platform that facilitates information and the deepening of knowledge.


Association of Corporate Treasurers in Belgium. This is an association of experienced professionals in the field of treasury management. It is not a corporate federation. The main goal of the association is to share experiences, practical cases and workable solutions, amongst its members, in a totally confidentiality and secured environment. The association gathers actually a hundred and eighty members. Although ATEB wants to remain a small organisation in which members can openly participate and where overhead costs and administration are limited, they always welcome new members who share the same principles as and are prepared to contribute to the association for the mutual benefit of all its members. The association started its activities in 1991 and now formally meets approximately every months to discuss identified subjects of common interest.


The Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) is the chartered professional body for treasury. It sets the global benchmark for treasury excellence and leads the profession through their internationally-recognised treasury qualifications, by defining standards and championing continuous professional development.

Verband Deutscher Treasurers e.V. or VDT

The German Association of Corporate Treasurers (Verband Deutscher Treasurer e.V. or VDT) was founded in late 1997. The start-up work was mainly triggered by modifications to the German Corporate Act and the Uniform Commercial Code, establishing the obligation on companies’ management to implement an enterprise wide risk management system. Treasurers manage financial risks and, accordingly, have to deal with the impacts of the new legal requirements. Discussions started about risk management methodologies, appropriate processes and controls, reporting requirements etc. These discussions and the increasing importance of professional treasury operations in Germany pointed out the need to establish a common platform for all treasurers to share information and define professional standards, from treasurers for treasurers. That was the starting point for VDT, founded by a few treasury professionals.

In order to present the list of associations as complete as possible we would like to extend this list with relevant other bodies. May we ask your input?


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