How does Treasury Innovation Consultant sound?

20-05-2020 | Treasurer Search | treasuryXL

Do you want to do ‘something different’? Take the deeper dive…

The treasury innovation consultant has close contact with the solution developers and builds bridges between bankers and corporate treasurers. He take care that solutions are properly implemented and users will use the application successfully. Everything he learns he takes back home so the next generation solutions will be even better.

Ideal Treasury Innovation Consultant

This is not a job for the 9-5 type who is looking for predictability. The ideal candidate for this position has thorough understanding of the operational and strategic tasks of a corporate treasurer. Most likely he works or worked as a treasurer or treasury consultant. As a person he is a spirited treasury technology communicator with an entrepreneurial mindset. He likes regular (short) business trips and understands his current role might be different from the one he will have in one year.

Our Client

Our client will create a new market in the landscape of corporate treasury and banking technology. The successful start-up has very strong investors, the first very prominent & international clients are landed and they are about to make the next step in standing on their own feet. The start-up entrepreneurs are leading the company by example and have a strong record in relevant professional fields.

Remuneration and Process

This role is for one of the first employees to go out and meet clients and build the company. The base salary depends upon track record of the candidate, our client is open for a young, flexible potential and a medior with more experience. The Treasurer Test might be part of the recruitment process.

Contact person


T: (0850) 866 798
M: (06) 2467 9339


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