Hedging interest rate risks | Is it time for an interest rate ceiling?

23-02-2022 | treasuryXL | ILFA | LinkedIn |

With this whitepaper on hedging interest rate risk, ILFA contributes to a more transparent financial world. Read more about the developments in the capital market and why you should opt for interest rate derivatives.

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What topics are discussed in this whitepaper?

1. Development of the capital market

How did the long-term swap rates develop

2. Interest is a growing part of the cost price

Entrepreneurs can only run a limited risk of increases in interest rates

3. Hedging interest rate risks

By solid interest management within treasury, entrepreneurs can fix the interest well in advance of an

4. Why choose interest rate derivatives?

You can manage these risks with derivatives

5. Most used interest rate derivatives

Interest rate swap, Swaption & Interest cap

6. What is an interest cap?

If the variable interest rate is below that ceiling, you pay this lower interest rate

7. A calculation example

Working of an interest cap

8. Professional transaction support

Let Ilfa’s advisers calculate the costs of fixing the interest and the withdrawal
over a longer period.


Download the free Hedging interest rate risks whitepaper by ILFA

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