Top 5 most read articles at and LinkedIn of 2021

04-01-2022 | treasuryXL |

Welcome in 2022! We are thrilled to share the Top 5 Most Read Articles with you below.

TreasuryXL has grown considerably last year, and our data shows us that our articles have widely been visited. We would like to take you to our most viewed website and LinkedIn articles of 2021. (Treasury Topic ‘What is’ articles excluded).

Top 5 treasuryXL website articles of 2021

  1. What are BIC/ SWIFT codes, how do you find them, and how do they work?

    by Xe

  2. Blank Sheet Treasury

    by  Jesper Nielsen-Terp

  3. 7 steps on how to make Cash Flow forecast a success

    by Bas Kolenburg

  4. Blockchain and the Corporate Treasurer: towards Smart Treasuries

    by treasuryXL, Carlo de Meijer

  5. The principles of multilateral netting: what, why and how

    by Enigma


Top 5 treasuryXL LinkedIn posts of 2021

  1. VU ‘Treasury Management & Corporate Finance’ Programme – Online Open Evening

    by VU

  2. 8 questions for Treasury Expert Philip who won the award for 2020 Best Fintech Solution

    by Philip Costa Hibberd

  3. Webinar Series Treasury Management | “Bitcoin. Is this the New Reality in Corporate Treasury or is it a Hoax?”

    by VU

  4. Interview | 8 questions for Kim Vercoulen, treasury recruitment consultant at Treasurer Search

    by Kim Vercoulen, TreasurerSearch

  5. Treasury: the sad story about the ones that do not get it

    by Pieter de Kiewit, TreasurerSearch

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Question treasuryXL Panel #3 | Should treasury always report to the CFO?

02-11-2021 | treasuryXL | TreasurerSearch  | LinkedIn |

treasuryXL is the community platform for all your relevant treasury questions.

We received the following question from one of our followers…



“Should treasury always report to the CFO and what causes that this sometimes is not the case?” 


We asked for the assistance of our highly valued partners to answer the question: Pieter de Kiewit, Owner and Consultant at TreasurerSearch.

With his expertise, he could help out our contact perfectly!


Pieter de Kiewit

Pieter de Kiewit responds:

“In my opinion, treasury should in 95% of the cases report to the CFO. In my work with group treasurers and CFOs it is exceptional to find an organisation in which cash & liquidity, FX % interest risk and/or funding does not have a strategic value. Still, I see treasurers who do not report into their CFO. Sometimes just so, for example when the treasurer works in a completely different time zone and reports into a local MD. Very often not just so because the CFO considers him/herself too busy, decreases the span of control and delegates. A lack in treasury expertise of the CFO and/or the treasurer personally not being able to claim a prominent spot are, in my opinion, reasons for this..”



Do you also have a treasury-related question? Feel free to leave your question at our treasuryXL Panel. The panel members are willing to answer your question, free of charge, no commitment.