BELLIN wins the award for Best Cash and Treasury Management Solution

| 5-2-2019 | BELLINENIGMA Consulting | treasuryXL

Enigma is proud to share that BELLIN has won the 2018 Awards for Innovation & Excellence in Treasury & Risk Management for “Best Cash & Treasury Management Solution”

BELLIN, a global leader in providing web-based treasury software and services for multinational corporations, has again been recognized as an industry leader, winning the 2018 Awards for Innovation & Excellence in Treasury & Risk Management for Best Cash & Treasury Management Solution.

The Awards for Innovation & Excellence are sponsored by Treasury Management International and were introduced more than a decade ago. Over the years, TMI has entrenched themselves as a quality authority and benchmark for the treasury profession by formally recognizing banks, vendors, consultants and practitioners that are exhibiting elevated innovation and expertise within their fields. BELLIN’s treasury management system, tm5, was recognized as the number-one Cash & Treasury Management Solution, further cementing BELLIN as the leader in treasury technology.

“BELLIN is extremely proud to have maintained our identity as a traditional fintech service provider, while simultaneously shifting our gaze to exciting emerging technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence”, remarked Martin Bellin, CEO and Founder of BELLIN. “We are honored to receive this award from TMI and will strive to continue serving and reshaping the treasury industry as a whole,” Martin added.

Enigma’s Bas Kolenburg is not surprised: “Based on our recent successes as a BELLIN Treasury Management Solution provider we experience an increasing acceptance by the corporate market for the BELLIN technology. In all cases the feedback is very positive both on the technology as well as the implementation process.”

BELLIN’s tm5 is a comprehensive and integrated treasury platform that consolidates typical treasury tasks into one convenient interface. tm5 excels in cash and liquidity management, secure global payments, bank connectivity, FX and interest rate exposure. tm5 steps in as an all-in-one treasury management platform with a heightened focus on security by providing cutting edge in-house modules supplemented with third-party integrations.


BELLIN is the global leader in technology for corporate banking and treasury. We provide solutions for the financial sector, catering to a range of clients from large multinationals to SMEs and banks. Founded by a treasurer, BELLIN has been championing innovation and out-of-the-box thinking since 1998. With the treasury software tm5 as the centerpiece, BELLIN makes a fundamental difference by offering solutions that zero in on the relationship between corporates and banks and cover everything from payments to FX, cash and risk management. BELLIN is an international company with offices on four continents, powered by a trailblazing fintech spirit and yet firmly rooted in the heritage of German craftsmanship and engineering. BELLIN delights 500 clients and over 80,000 users around the globe.

About Enigma

Enigma Consulting (based in The Netherlands) is a trusted advisor in Payments, Bank connectivity  & Treasury with over 20 years of experience. Enigma Consulting supports all Dutch Financial Institutions, many corporates and several charities. The Enigma Consulting’s core competence is mapping trends, rules / regulations and technology on the current situation of the customer, strategy consultancy and if required assistance with the implementation as team leader or team member.

Enigma is exclusive partner for BELLIN and is fully certified for the BELLIN tm5 system implementations. Enigma has a complete treasury consulting team working from its Driebergen office.  The broad knowledge and unequalled extensive implementation capabilities combined with the BELLIN product suite has already resulted in over 30 Dutch BELLIN TMS implementations in recent years.


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